According to Digiday Research’s survey, out of 315 publishers, about 46% stated that their main focus was increasing subscriptions.

Ads are still relevant with 64% of the respondents prioritize direct-sold advertisements.

The days of making hundred of millions through simply dedicating a separate classified ads section as the Tages-Anzeiger of Zurich did many years ago are gone. They died along with their target audience at an alarming rate, leaving it up to the digital world to revive journalism and continue making a profit, or at least generating some sort of revenue.

And this is where the problem lies: many if…

The importance of selecting the right medium is something the marketing team at Ford were certainly mindful of when they released their Shelby GT350R billboard Ad in 2015 with a catchy punch line.

This Ad not only demonstrated the power of expression over simply putting the car’s performance upfront, but also how the same product can be promoted to very different target audiences through selecting the right message and the right medium.

Shelby GT350R Advertisement — 2015

The same applies for choosing between TV and Youtube.

These are two different mediums advertisers have been using to showcase…

By 2021, there will be almost as many voice activated virtual assistants as people, according to research firm, Ovum.

Reaching over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices installed worldwide by 2019, the virtual assistant has undoubtedly disrupted different aspects of our lives including shopping, our offices, marketing and our overall relationship with modern computing.

Amazon Echo

This is becoming more detrimental as such technologies are disrupting something else; our childrens’ development.

Children growing up now are the first generation surrounded with such pervasive AI where on a regular basis, information is seamlessly accessible with questions instantly answered, tasks autonomously managed and items purchased.


Mentions of her ‘Bey-ness’ were reaching 500,000 to 1.2 million on Twitter, iTunes crashed from the frantic downloads and 80,000 copies were sold within a mere few hours.

Queen Bey

No one raised such ‘digital havoc’ on December 13, 2013 other than the renowned Beyonce, also known as Queen Bey, or “the most important and compelling popular musician of the twenty-first century”, as described by the New Yorker.

This surge of popularity wasn’t due to her years as a successful musician or the quality of her music. …

Throughout the company’s varying lifecycle since its launch in 2012, Evan Williams’ Medium has subtly yet impactfully transformed its revenue model to earn a profit while delivering added value to the stakeholders.

Apparent from feedback as well as compromises made on the platform, this balance has proven daunting, making the mere description of what Medium is quite confusing. Is Medium a publisher, a platform or both?

Answering becomes a challenge when taking a brief look into the company’s history:

  1. Founded in 2012 aiming to offer a more ‘centralized’ platform for reading and publishing, which would attract stakeholders from all angles…

Life as we know it

We are in the midst of a rapidly growing digital age. One where we’re shifting our human judgement to become AI driven because despite fears of uncertainty towards the matter as well as potential disadvantages such as a loss of jobs for instance, we’ve decided that AI processing abilities are superior to those of humans, which relies on intuition alongside past experiences.

Artificial Intelligence Vs. Human Intuition

Let’s take a look at AI-driven decision making model versus that of human judgement. The main similarity between the two would be that they are both processors. Processors that do their job quite differently. Not so long ago…

Start Unfollowing

A couple months back I was laying in bed and scrolling Instagram to pass time and I remember thinking, “Wow, I follow a lot of random people and stuff I’m not even into”.

I’ve noticed this before, but what I never considered was the correlation this had with my anxiety. I’ve faced a lot of anxiety for most of my adult life and now I was starting to understand where a lot of it might’ve come from.

I looked at what I was scrolling through including the Instagram Explore page. All the different cars, the different bodybuilders and IG fitness…

Your cumulative GPA is too low to graduate on time and exams are approaching like a timelapse. You need to prepare for them like you need to prepare for the extracurricular projects you took to make yourself standout to potential employers you think you’ll be meeting in a few months because nothing matters more than that.

Hours turned into days, weeks and then months. You’ve passed all your exams, your project won the competition, you’ve updated your CV. Now it’s time to pick out a suit for your graduation, the day that officially marks the start to the “real world”…

The customer isn’t always right.

As we begin working in any type of industry whether it be service, entertainment or leisure, more often than not we find ourselves confronted with a customer that may be unhappy or raise an objection towards the business. A lot of times it may also be someone disgruntled barking orders and roasting you and your fellow employees about how you’ve failed to deliver what they want. Now there are several occasions where the customer is indeed making valid points, however, are they always within their senses? Couldn’t they just be overreacting? …

Issa Salem

My purpose is to lead by example and inspire everyone to reach their full potential so together, we can create a happier, healthier and more ideal environment.

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